BLRdesign Market Research Questionnaire

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How many times have you worn your BLRdesign jeans?
If you are a music artist, are the jeans you purchased used off stage? If so, how?
What do you typically pay for denim jeans?
When you hear the description “quality jeans”, what does that mean to you?
What are some of your favorite features of jeans you have purchased from BLR?
What are some of the places you shop for denim? Would you ever buy denim off of a social media?
What are some of the other brands of denim that you own? (Name 3)
Do you feel that any of the jeans you have purchased from BLR need any improvements?
When you wear BLR jeans are there any brands that you regularly pair with the jeans within an outfit?
Would you tell others about BLR jeans? If so can you name 3 people and why you would choose them? (include name, email, number)